Hedwig and the Angry Inch

I had recently

to my first love
of music.

I had tried singing once,
back in Berlin.

They threw tomatoes
after the show...

I had a nice salad.
But newly motivated,
I got myself
a cheap electric piano

and I found a couple
of Korean sergeants' wives

who churned out
a mean rhythm section.

Thank you,
ladies and gentlemen,

thank you...
both of you.

That song was
by Mr Kurt Cobain,

now that kid's
got a future, huh?

How about Kwahng Yi on guitar,
ladies and gentlemen!

Give it up!
Kwahng Yi!
Give it up, Kwahng.
You know, I'd like
to take it down a little.

What do you say,

This is actually the first song
I've ever written.

And, it's written
for a guy to sing.

I know a lot of you guys
out there tonight,

a lot better
than some of you

would care to admit.
And I know
that a few of you

kick some
karaoke ass.

if you're looking
for your big, breakout single,

you might wanna put a bid
on this one tonight,

Iadies and gentlemen,
because we are talking

to Phil Collins'
people, right?