Hedwig and the Angry Inch

now that kid's
got a future, huh?

How about Kwahng Yi on guitar,
ladies and gentlemen!

Give it up!
Kwahng Yi!
Give it up, Kwahng.
You know, I'd like
to take it down a little.

What do you say,

This is actually the first song
I've ever written.

And, it's written
for a guy to sing.

I know a lot of you guys
out there tonight,

a lot better
than some of you

would care to admit.
And I know
that a few of you

kick some
karaoke ass.

if you're looking
for your big, breakout single,

you might wanna put a bid
on this one tonight,

Iadies and gentlemen,
because we are talking

to Phil Collins'
people, right?

But then again,
aren't we all?

You know the sun
is in your eyes

And hurricanes
and rain

And black
and cloudy skies

You're running
up and down that hill

You turn it on
and off at will

There's nothing here
To thrill
or bring you down

And if you've got
no other choice

You know you can
follow my voice

Through the dark turns
and noise

Of this wicked
little town