Good morning.
It's the acid.
It isn't the acid, it's the asphalt.
It's making me sick.

How can they work in that
all day long?

- Got any Rolaids?
- Want an Alka Seltzer?

- Doctor said not to drink.
- You shouldn't then.

Same old story everywhere you go.
You know....
Oh, no.
- Do I know you?
- No. Please, please.

- What?
- Don't fire me. Please.

- What do you mean?
- Don't fire me.

I saw you in the bar.
You're with the FAA.

Miss Croft, you're drinking
on the job. You're done.

I got two kids at home.
Please, mister.

Give me your keys.
Mister, I need a break.
I'm begging you.

I swear to you on my life that
I will never take another drink.

Don't fire me.
Did you ever ask anybody for a break?