You know....
Oh, no.
- Do I know you?
- No. Please, please.

- What?
- Don't fire me. Please.

- What do you mean?
- Don't fire me.

I saw you in the bar.
You're with the FAA.

Miss Croft, you're drinking
on the job. You're done.

I got two kids at home.
Please, mister.

Give me your keys.
Mister, I need a break.
I'm begging you.

I swear to you on my life that
I will never take another drink.

Don't fire me.
Did you ever ask anybody for a break?
Do you have any kids?
Oh, Christ.
In about three minutes,
I'll be conducting a security check.

I'll be passing through your station.
I will be, quote, armed.

I will have a tool kit...
...in which is hidden
three dangerous items.

It's a test of
the personnel under you.

If you tip them off,
I'll have your job.

I wouldn't.
Go back to your station.
- I will.
- Give me your keys.

Your alcohol.
- You will go into the program.
- I will.

Thank you!