-It's not the last plate.
-I don't have money for new plates.

I don't care
about the money.

-But you're sleeping!
-So get someone more awaken...

... and leave me alone!
I wonder if people can see
the restaurant tomorrow.

-I can't tomorrow. -You can't?
I'll come with them then...

-...and see your helper.
What's his name? -Angel?

No, don't count on Angel.
Do you want to sell or not?
We discussed it. The restaurant...

I can't believe it!
A lot to be fixed, humidity
in the bathroom, kitchen,...

-...plenty of things...
-What's wrong with the kitchen?

You said it yourself.
They are paying for the area.

Yes, but I won't give it away.
I put great effort in this.
My life is in here.

I know about it, dear. But these
people think with their heads...

... and you think
with your heart.

There's nothing to think!
Youngsters are really
something these days...

-How much?
-No, please.

-Thank you.
-I'm sorry. I lost your card.

Here's another one.
Di Paola.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

Think it over. We can't lose it,
Olinda, really.

-I'll see you out.
-Thank you.

Call me, please.