That's good.
No, nothing's wrong.
It's Peter.

No, no, it's late and
he hasn't arrived yet.

Well, it's 1 am, Federico.
Yes, he left early.
No, how could he?
His stuff is here.

I know he's a grown up man,
Federico, but...

...he's alone, he doesn't know
anyone, he doesn't have money...

Yes, isn't it?
OK, OK, I won't worry then. Yes,
thanks, Federico. Excuse me?

Yes, ravioli. See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow. Bye.

Today, noon.
Martín looks for you.

-All right. -Sorry I don't
remember tell you but...

-Don't worry. I'll call him
later. -Good.

Why did you come
to Buenos Aires?

You haven't found her yet.
It might not be so difficult to
find somebody here, someone...

...must know her. Well, look at
me, I'm telling you this and...

... I never find Martín.
Why do you look for him?
-Why do I look for him?

I don't know.
I don't know either why
we can't meet and so...

... but I look for him.
How is it with her?
With her?
I don't know now.

Why didn't you come before?
It's complicated.