Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Make way today,
and ifl may, l say

l make pay with Jay
So get away, OK
Dude, l think
l just filled the cup.

Ladies, ladies, ladies.
Jay and Silent Bob
are in the hiz-house.

Who the fuck are these guys?
This is Jay and Silent Bob.
Guys, this is Sissy...
Missy, and Chrissy. Here.
Where the fuck
did they come from?

JUSTlCE: l met 'em inside.
They're gonna hitch a ride.

SlSSY: Yeah, l don't know if
that's such a good idea, Jussy.

JA Y: Sure it is, Juggs.
MlSSY: Oh, my God.
He just called Sissy "Juggs."
-l'm on it.
-Chrissy, no.

We're in the middle
of suburbia, Chrissy.

Let's try and act like it.
What's with the knife?
We having cake or something?

Shit. He's retarded to boot.
Yo, she called you retarded.
SlSSY: What is wrong
with you, Justice?

You do remember
where we're going, don't you?

And we have a job to do?
They're just gonna tag along
for a few miles.

They won't get in the way,
l swear.

l swear, l don't know
what's going on...

in your fuckin' brain lately.
Look, fine.
They can ride with us...

but they are so out of here
before we get to Boulder.

-Honest lnjun.
-[Mocking] Honest lnjun.

Shut up.
God, l can't believe
what a pushover you are.

l can't believe fine-ass bitches
like yourself eat that shit.

Don't you know
fast food makes girls fart?

Hey, what's all
this talk about farting?

WOMEN: Hi, Brent.
This is Brent.
He's with us, too.
Brent, tell these sillies
that girls don't fart.

Oh, of course they don't.
Only skeevy stoners fart.

What up, homies?
Wow. Three guys, four girls.
What's the count, boys?

Let's rock.
BRENT: Hey, Mr. Science Guy
Don't spray that aerosol
in my eye

For l do--
For l--
l don't really wanna die
l'm a noble rabbit
What are you guys,
like a cover band or something?