Jeepers Creepers

Sexy forever, huh?
You know that is you in 40 years.
There's usually a reason
when you like the long way home.

Gee, like, maybe I like the country?
Just drive, brat.
I'm only thinking the same thing
Mom and Dad are gonna be thinking.

"Trisha, why are you driving home
for spring break with your brat brother...

"...and not heading off somewhere with
that nice 'Mr. Poli-Sci-Track-Team Guy'?"

I will tell them the same thing I'll tell you:
None of your goddamn business.
You don't think I could understand
the complex nature of your relationships?

No, I look at you as a real expert.
Whatever. I don't care.
I'm just saying,
if you broke it off with him...

:04:00 should at least figure out
what you're gonna tell Mom and Dad.

They're the ones in love with the guy.
What would Jesus do....
I am no fanatic. What I am is a fan of Godl
...a serpent-headed demon,
shaking you by the....

You wanted the back way home.
That's 10 hours of preachers, farm reports--
Could you possibly just shut up
and drive, please?

"You broke my heart in two
"Now I can't find the duct tape
"To put it together for you
Come on, girl, sing along now.
"When I met you, I thought I would die
"I wanted to cry
"Didn't know you were evil
"or that you would hurt me
"Mr. Poli-Sci-Track-Team guy
"Turns out you're a twit and a real--"