Jeepers Creepers

What is that, the vehicle of choice
for assholes and fucking serial killers?

You know what I just thought of, right?
Kenny and Darla?
They died about a 100 miles from here.
-The same highway.
-This highway runs the length of the state.

You believe it?
That they had to go looking for her head?
That they never found them, only the car.
No, they never found her head.
They found the car.

Didn't find him or her head.
Look at me, I'm still shaking!
You don't think every generation
has their cautionary tale...

...of drinking and driving on Prom night?
I always heard it was true.
Wheaton Valley High, class of '78.

You wanna know something?
When I first heard that story...
...I used to think this was the highway
I would die on.

Quite the cheery thinker today,
aren't we, sis?

What's "Poli-Sci Guy"
been doing to you, anyway?

"Beating you?"
That was the license plate
on the van we just saw.

So "Beating You."
That's mine. That's three to five.
-You can't call it now.
-My ass!

-You have to call it when you see it.
-I was in shock!

-What is this, a brand new rule?

It's always been this way.
-Since when?
-Since always.

Since just now, maybe.
-Your memory's for shit.
-No, it's not.

Nah, infinity.
Uh-huh, infinity squared.
-Okay, name it.

When we made the rule that you had to
call it as soon as you see it.