Juana la Loca

I hear there is an old friendship
between you and Princess Joan.

My father was her Latin teacher.
I often played with the princess.

Perhaps the news will be less painful
coming from your lips.

How many days will it take you
to reach Brussels?

I'll ride day and night.
"Because of the great heat
"Because of the great heat
and because the windows were closed,
her dress was undone
and her breasts were revealed
like two apples from Paradise."

A woman and a tipple by the nipple.
Raise your head, Madam.
Look a little longer
in this direction. Like that.

What are they laughing at?
Aida is competing with you, Sir.
- I do not understand, Madam.
- Ask Inés de Bravante.

- Why are you laughing, Lady Inés?
- I'm being tickled.

Ask her who tickles her at night.
Which fortunate gentleman
tickles you at night?

Does he make you laugh like that?
What a cheek! How dare you?
My breast guards
that secret jealously.

Is it the breast
you're painting so carefully

which guards your secrets?