Juana la Loca

her dress was undone
and her breasts were revealed
like two apples from Paradise."

A woman and a tipple by the nipple.
Raise your head, Madam.
Look a little longer
in this direction. Like that.

What are they laughing at?
Aida is competing with you, Sir.
- I do not understand, Madam.
- Ask Inés de Bravante.

- Why are you laughing, Lady Inés?
- I'm being tickled.

Ask her who tickles her at night.
Which fortunate gentleman
tickles you at night?

Does he make you laugh like that?
What a cheek! How dare you?
My breast guards
that secret jealously.

Is it the breast
you're painting so carefully

which guards your secrets?
Without the necklace.
- It's better with the pink dress.
- I hate pink.

It's my lord Philip who hates pink.
"And turning the other way,
ashamed that he could
be seen by Diafebus,

unable to pronounce another
word, he said: I love."