Juana la Loca

I want to attend
to my affairs in Italy.

Germaine, who was reared at
the effeminate French court,

is not adapting to being
the wife of Ferdinand of Aragon.

She finds us coarse and austere.
I want a son.
The doctors say that a woman's
womb can refuse to procreate

when there's a lack of affection
around her.

They may be right.
Also, why should I hide it?
My marriage to Germaine
did not please Castile.

They accuse me of betraying
Isabella's memory.

Tell me aboutJoan.
Joan is pregnant again.
She is in good health but is prone

to certain obsessions,
to outlandish behavior.

Save your excuses.
My daughterJoan is mad.

How do you think I should act?
You want to exclude her
from government,

and I don't object.
I have said so
to your father, the emperor.

Perhaps you should see her
in Burgos and judge for yourself.

No, I don't want to see her
in that state.

Moreover, it would be cruel
to confront her with Germaine.

But, I admit,
it's also unfair to prevent
Germaine from meeting

her stepdaughter,
the mad queen of Castile.

More wine?