Juana la Loca

She wrote a letter which was
secretly delivered to the king.

On receipt of the reply
she came to Burgos.

I cannot enjoy one day of peace.
The Moor in Burgos.
A letter to the king.
She wrote to the king!
You hear, Elvira?

- You know its contents?
- Yes, Majesty.

Do you have it?
Give it to me.
Give me that letter!

Leave us.
Do not read it.
Not read it?
Not read it?
You have never been in love!

You've never been jealous,
you're heartless!

Look at how I obey you.
"Sire, you granted my wish
to be one of the queen's ladies."
And the king answered.
And that woman is here.
And because she is beside me,
Philip is here too.

- Madam...
- Be quiet!

- Granada is far away.
- Flanders is farther, believe me.

De Veyre...
Excuse me.
Come in.