Juana la Loca

whose fanaticism and obstinacy
you cannot doubt.

You are not in Flanders now.
Don't say that in Castile.

Sire, if I dare speak to you
like this, it is with the hope

that you will finally assume
your mission as sovereign

and free Castile from the burden
of superstition and fanaticism.

Be quiet.
Be quiet, please.
My lord de Villena, I suppose
you are aware of everything.

She is known by
the assumed name of Beatriz.

But her real name is Aixa,
a Moorish name. Nothing else.

Even Philip is unaware
of her true condition.

It doesn't matter.
Henceforth, she is my niece Beatriz.
My niece, by order of the king.
Only the king can bring
his mistress to the palace.

My lords.
I am sure you will
all fulfill the promise,

which you sealed at the time
with your signatures,

to protect the king should it be
necessary to put away Queen Joan

and the people did not approve
of that serious decision.

The king has decided
to confine his unhappy wife

and duly informs the noblemen
of Spain through my person.

The king-archduke's insistence
could lead to terrible ills.
His Majesty is doing
what he must, Admiral.