Juana la Loca

The ambition of certain Flemish
nobles, led by you,

is to give Philip
the throne of Castile.

That is the question here,
and none other.

What you call ambition
is simply good sense.
Moderate your words, Admiral.
If Queen Joan is unfit to reign,
to who else but him

does the crown belong
while Prince Charles is not of age?

Only Parliament can decide
on such an important matter.

Valladolid recognized Isabella
and Ferdinand's daughter

as queen of Castile.
Will you permit usurpation
and injustice?
Those who do not fear Philip's anger
accompany me to an audience
with the queen.

You will see that
those who say she is mad

are mistaken or are lying.
Madam, the noblemen
wish to speak with you.

What shall I tell them?
Shall I send them away?
I am calmer now.
Show them in.
My lords...
A painful duty brings us
before you, Madam.

- What is it?
- The kingdom

is under great threat
and only you can prevent it.