Juana la Loca

Madam, the noblemen
wish to speak with you.

What shall I tell them?
Shall I send them away?
I am calmer now.
Show them in.
My lords...
A painful duty brings us
before you, Madam.

- What is it?
- The kingdom

is under great threat
and only you can prevent it.

The king is abusing the affection
of his faithful wife.

That is so, Admiral.
The king is the most iniquitous of men.
- Is it possible?
- God in Heaven!

I did not say that.
No matter! I say it.
The Flemish are plundering Castile.
Your people are going hungry.
It's the eternal hunger, Sire.
At last.
- Are they all here?
- Beatriz was not in her room.

They are looking for her.
Madame de Torrijos,
write something here.
Did you hear me, Madam?
The fate of the kingdom could
depend on this discussion.

We are here as representatives
of the assembly of nobles.