Juana la Loca

We shall all do
what Your Highness wishes

for the good of Castile.
All of us.
Is that not so, my lords?
- Aye!
- That is so!

Are you going to allow them
to toy with you?

To question your capacity to rule?
They have stated that you are mad.
Do you know what that means?
They are saying the queen is mad.

If only it were true.
If only I were mad.
If only it were the fruit of my madness
and not of my husband's treachery.
Leave me.
- I request an audience.
- You cannot go in, Sire.

An audience in the name
of Heaven and Castile!

Let him come in.
Arise, Alvaro.
What do you wish?
I am but an unworthy soldier,
but today I speak for the people.

They ask you not to give way
to the greed of the Flemish.

There is a plot against you.
The king wants to dethrone you

and imprison you forever.
He wants you off the throne,
and also out of your bed.

A bed that another will soon occupy.