Juana la Loca

You mustn't let your spirit
weaken. Trust in God.

In God?
And why not in you?
Are you not doctors?

The king is young.
He is only twenty-eight.

Would all my blood suffice
to revive his?

Speak, for pity's sake.
We have done
all that is in our power.

It is adversity, Madam.
Its ways are unknown to us.
All I have for his life.
My scepter for his life.
Let whoever covets a crown save him,
give him back to me.
Do you know of no one
who cures this kind of illness?

A necromancer who works wonders?
Madam, ask the Almighty for help.
God doesn't want to hear me.
I can find pity nowhere.
Do not give in to despair, Madam.
Have courage.

Have courage? Have courage?
When your wife or child is dying,
I'll tell you to have courage!

God is taking him
because I love him too much.

I'll make amends.
I'll love him less if he lives.

What can I do?
Bring his mistress to him?

Who knows?
Her presence might revive him.

What can love not do?
If I were dead and he called me,
I would answer.

Bring that woman at once!
What am I saying?