Juana la Loca

I can find pity nowhere.
Do not give in to despair, Madam.
Have courage.

Have courage? Have courage?
When your wife or child is dying,
I'll tell you to have courage!

God is taking him
because I love him too much.

I'll make amends.
I'll love him less if he lives.

What can I do?
Bring his mistress to him?

Who knows?
Her presence might revive him.

What can love not do?
If I were dead and he called me,
I would answer.

Bring that woman at once!
What am I saying?
Queen Isabella,
my dearest mother,

if, as your people say,
God has you in His bosom,

intercede for this unhappy
daughter you left behind.

Ask that Philip and I
may die together.

Madam, the king wishes to see you.
May God still grant me
a little strength