Just Visiting

They could've booked
a suite at the Ritz.

So, you said that you got these
out of their pockets?

OFFICER: That's right.
Except the sausage.
[Flies buzzing]
Hmm. Mm-hmm.

This stamp ring is fantastic.

My family's coat of arms.
can I meet these thieves?

ANDRE: Master, I'm hungry.
My tummy rumbles like a beast.
How can you think of food
after such tragedy?

What I would not give
to see once more my precious...

ANDRE: My lord!
Look, she's alive!

THIBAULT: Rosalind.
My fair Rosalind.

My bride.
My ravishing flower.

Mistress! My mistress!
What are you doing?
It is a miracle. A miracle.

Do I know you?
Do you not recognize me,
my lady?

I am the Count of
Malfete and Papincourt...

the Duke of Anjou.
I am your faithful Thibault.
You're who?
And I am Andre le Pate,
valet of the count.

Please, forgive me
for what I did to you...

my dear Rosalind.
My name isn't Rosalind.
It's Julia.

No! You are my Rosalind.
The lock of hair you gave me
on our wedding day.

I carry it over my heart.
Please, my love,
see for yourself.

You see?
It is the color of wheat
on a summer's day.

The color of candle light.
THIBAULT: It is your own.
BRADY: Stop this!
-That's enough!

You'll be safer outside!
THIBAULT: Do not leave me!
Do not be afraid!

You don't want to see this.

[Yelling and fighting]
Courage is our creed!

Courage is our creed!
[Fighting and grunting]
Wait, stop!
I know this man!