Just Visiting

You're who?
And I am Andre le Pate,
valet of the count.

Please, forgive me
for what I did to you...

my dear Rosalind.
My name isn't Rosalind.
It's Julia.

No! You are my Rosalind.
The lock of hair you gave me
on our wedding day.

I carry it over my heart.
Please, my love,
see for yourself.

You see?
It is the color of wheat
on a summer's day.

The color of candle light.
THIBAULT: It is your own.
BRADY: Stop this!
-That's enough!

You'll be safer outside!
THIBAULT: Do not leave me!
Do not be afraid!

You don't want to see this.

[Yelling and fighting]
Courage is our creed!

Courage is our creed!
[Fighting and grunting]
Wait, stop!
I know this man!

"Courage is our creed."
That's our family motto.

This man is my cousin.
It's in here.
You see, I thought he was dead.

He disappeared when a storm...
capsized his yacht
during the Admiral's Cup.

They never recovered
his body...

so, of course,
declared him dead.

He was a very distant
French cousin of mine...

but as the last living Malfete,
I inherited his estate.

If he's your cousin...

what do you want me
to do with him?

ANDRE: Sire...
Why does Lady Rosalind
call herself Julia...

and allow us
to be beaten and chained?

this is not our time.
THIBAULT: The wizard
did not send us into the past.

He sent us
into the next millennium.