Just Visiting

"Courage is our creed."
That's our family motto.

This man is my cousin.
It's in here.
You see, I thought he was dead.

He disappeared when a storm...
capsized his yacht
during the Admiral's Cup.

They never recovered
his body...

so, of course,
declared him dead.

He was a very distant
French cousin of mine...

but as the last living Malfete,
I inherited his estate.

If he's your cousin...

what do you want me
to do with him?

ANDRE: Sire...
Why does Lady Rosalind
call herself Julia...

and allow us
to be beaten and chained?

this is not our time.
THIBAULT: The wizard
did not send us into the past.

He sent us
into the next millennium.

We are thirty generations
removed from Malfete.

Julia is not my beloved.
She's my descendant.
Amber, it's Julia.
Could you get me Hunter?
It's important.

AMBER: That rabbit of yours
is on the phone again.

[Phone beeps]
Hey, bunny. What's up?

JULIA: Thibault Malfete
just showed up at the museum.

HUNTER: Thibault Malfete?
That's impossible.
Isn't he supposed to be...

-I know.
-Are you sure it's him?

He looks exactly
like his photos.

JULIA: Hunter,
he quoted the family motto.

Does he know yet that
we're selling his entire estate?

JULIA: Well, it's hard
to say what he knows.

He's a little strange.
Hunter, this is terrible.
I mean, it's wonderful
that he's alive...

but it's terrible that
we started to sell the estate.

Oh, God, I feel awful.
HUNTER: The English courts
declared him dead.