Just Visiting

We're well within
our legal rights.

How were we supposed to know
he was still alive?

Has he mentioned anything
about money?

JULIA: Money?
How can you worry about money
at a time like this?

No, I'm just
worrying about you.

You don't handle surprises well.
Where is your cousin now?

He and this friend of his
are downstairs with security.

Why don't we bring them
home with us tonight?

He's family after all.
We want to be hospitable.

You're wonderful.
I'll pick you all up
in about five minutes.

Love ya. Bye, bunny.
Bye, big bear.
Oh, my God.
Thibault Malfete's still alive.

This is a disaster.
Blah, blah, blah.
You're pouting.
I hate it
when you call her bunny.

You, my dear, are so much
hotter than a bunny.

My God, look at yourself.
You're a tigress.

Ha ha ha ha ha.
[Amber snarls]
THIBAULT: Lady Julia, there
has been a terrible mistake.

I'm so sorry.
We thought you were dead.

Dead? No, the wizard was a fool,
but not a killer.

He only sent us the wrong way.

Excuse me?
We fell into
the Mountain of Time.

THIBAULT: I must return
to my time to prevent...

a great tragedy to our family.
I ask for your assistance.

I'll do whatever I can.
[Sirens, horns,
and construction equipment]


[Siren blaring]
[Cacophony of city noises]
ANDRE: We must not go out!
What--what are you doing?