Just Visiting

I'm just starting to feel
like I'm in a disco.

THIBAULT: My dear lady...
you said you would
offer me your assistance.

JULIA: Oh, yes. Anything.
What do you need?

I need to find a wizard.
Sorry, master. Sorry!


Apologize to the lady!
ANDRE: Sorry, master.
I ask for mercy.

Forgive him, milady.
JULIA: It's OK. The floor
needed to be cleaned anyway.

So, you were saying
something about what...

should we say a wizard?
I need to go back
into the tunnels of Time.

Of course.
I need to just understand
what has happened to you.

Now, your yacht went down
in a storm?

No. You must listen.
I am from the time
of Thibault VI...

and I have come to the future.
OK. Tunnels of Time.
Wizards. Thibault VI.

JULIA: Oops!
Are you OK?
Yes, lady.
THIBAULT: Lovely flower,
I see doubt, you do not believe me.

It is a pity,
but please...try.

[Blender shuts off]
Yes. Of course I'll try.
ANDRE: She's green.
I never really did
like the taste of this.

Oh, my God.
What happened?

JULIA: Nothing.
I'm eating
this very good meat...

with vegetables
in a fine sauce.

I will shit easy tomorrow.
JULIA: It's jet lag.
All right, I'm sure you would
like to wash your hands...