Just Visiting

Need some help, sir?
[Toilet flushes]
Oh, it is beautiful.
The water comes out
by itself. Ha!

[Andre laughing]
It is a magic fountain.
Look at this! Mmm.
It smells just like the forest.
ANDRE: All the forest
is in the small wheel.

Mmm. Smell it!
No. No, thank you.
You don't want to smell it?
Enjoy yourself.
The castle's a wreck.
HUNTER: So I'm helping her
divide the estate up...

into more manageable,
profitable chunks.

We're selling the art
and various high-end pieces...

through an outlet here.
Essentially, I'm protecting her.
I see that as my role.

And the land?
I decided
we should sell that, too.

It is not for you to decide.

Only Lady Julia
can say what will be done.

I speak for both
Julia and myself.

THIBAULT: You cannot possibly
speak for a Malfete.

What are your wishes, milady?
Well, um...
I guess I'd like
to think about it...

a little bit more,

THIBAULT: The lady has spoken!
[People talking]
WOMAN: Chicken salad, now!
MAN: I want that cake.
Come on now.

Don't take all night.