Just Visiting

Where did they go, my lord?
[Men screaming]
They were inside.
We could not save them.

It is tragic.
Well, we never really
used this room anyway.

ANDRE: It's a pity.
[Dogs barking]
I need to find a wizard now.
Do you mind if I get
some coffee first?

Jesus Christ!
I've told you
not to leave this stuff...

in the middle of the driveway!
What are you trying to do?

You just about
broke my goddamn neck!

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.

Do you actually do
any gardening around here...

or do you just
sing out of tune?

MAN: Just clean it up!
Oh! Hey, big belly!
You dare to touch a lady?
MAN: Who the hell are you?
ANDRE: I'm Andre,
and I piss on you.

Yeah, well, you get
the hell out of here...

or I'm gonna call the cops.
Apologize to the lady.
Lady? You're calling her a--
Lady. Right.
I'm sorry.
ANDRE: Kiss her feet.
-Do what?
-Kiss her feet!

Oh, Jesus!
JULIA: Instead of a wizard...
I think what we really need
to find you is a good doctor.

Wizards are the best doctors.
What in the world is that?
JULIA: What are you doing?
MAN: Call 911!
What is going on here?

ANDRE: He was very rude
to the lady.

Look, fool.
A coat of arms.

He is a nobleman.
I did not know.

Stupid peasant.
-Who are these guys?

Do you own this woman?

She works for me.
Then I will hang my valet
by his feet on your behalf.

No, please, my lord.