Just Visiting

Oh! Hey, big belly!
You dare to touch a lady?
MAN: Who the hell are you?
ANDRE: I'm Andre,
and I piss on you.

Yeah, well, you get
the hell out of here...

or I'm gonna call the cops.
Apologize to the lady.
Lady? You're calling her a--
Lady. Right.
I'm sorry.
ANDRE: Kiss her feet.
-Do what?
-Kiss her feet!

Oh, Jesus!
JULIA: Instead of a wizard...
I think what we really need
to find you is a good doctor.

Wizards are the best doctors.
What in the world is that?
JULIA: What are you doing?
MAN: Call 911!
What is going on here?

ANDRE: He was very rude
to the lady.

Look, fool.
A coat of arms.

He is a nobleman.
I did not know.

Stupid peasant.
-Who are these guys?

Do you own this woman?

She works for me.
Then I will hang my valet
by his feet on your behalf.

No, please, my lord.
Not by the feet!
I prefer the thumbs.

I got a meeting to catch.
THIBAULT: Rise, idiot.
I give him to you
for the day.

You may beat him
if you like.

Thanks, but, you know,
we just met.

ANDRE: Thank you,
my great and merciful master.

Thank you, milord!
Thank you!

THIBAULT: Let us go.
We have a wizard to find.

ANGELIQUE: A wizard?
-Are you French?

-Do you like it here?
-It is very strange.

It smells bad,
and the food is too little...

but the ladies are wonderful.
I wish my boss
thought like that.

Boss. Ha ha. Boss.
What is boss?

The guy you work for.
The big guy.

I can have his bones
when he's eating.

That is so disgusting.
That's so gross.
You have to figure out a way
to get away from him.

He's my master.
I don't want to be hung.

You're not gonna be hung!
That's completely
against the law, OK?