Kort en lang, En

Shall we go and grab a bite?
Come here.
There ... we're home!

Hi, Dad.
- Hi, Oskar.

What's for dinner?
- Are you hungry?

Let's go out.
- Let's stay home.

I haven't done any shopping. Sorry.
And then my period came this morning.
A really heavy one.

It's just been a really rough day.
Shall I get us some pizzas?

I can do that.
I need some fresh air.

This is lbrahim Modi
from the lslamic council.

It's an umbrella organisation
for Muslims living in Denmark.

And that's Johannes Leisner,
our elected parish priest.

We architects are enormously
pleased that the political climate -

- is in favour of finally building
a mosque in the city of Copenhagen.

And you have offered to take on the
task of setting up a local network.

The thing is,
this is avery sensitive issue ...

Hey! What's going on here?
- Won't you share your objections?

What's bloody Brussels done now?
We're going to build a mosque.
- All right.

Would you like to join
our mosque discussion group?

I won't say no.
- Should we go and have a look?