Kort en lang, En

Tony from the Liberal Press is
due in 30 minutes to take pictures.

Good press relations
are as vital as hell ...

Remember the reception
at Ellen and Anne's tomorrow.

I'm flying Frankfurt-Madrid

So you only get home on Sunday?
- Yes. Are you coming to bed?

I might send Oskar over to mum's
for the weekend.

I need to work.
Won't you come to bed?
Tom ...
Listen, you're going
to have to talk to Anja.

Seriously, you have to ...
You have to talk to her.

For Oskar's sake.
What time's the reception?
- Just come when you like.

What about Caroline?
What about her?
- Is she coming?

I don't know.
How the fuck should I know?

Brilliant! Thanks!
You look fabulous, darling!
- Thanks. So do you.

Who else is coming?
- Everyone.

Dip-lnge showed up at half two.
- We were thrilled to bits.

You should really go up to the bar.
The whole gang's there.

It'd be so typical of Sailor to
give me a gift voucher for Chrissy.

Hi, gorgeous! You look fabulous!
- Congratulations.

Everyone's over there.
But he wants to take me skiing
in January. Skiing! Me!

There's what's-her-name.
- Hi ...