Kort en lang, En

Perhaps you'd better stay?
Jacob and Caroline.
Adrian told me.

He said he ran into them in Malmø,
and they looked really guilty.

Fuck him, fucking poof!
Have you heard?
Theywere such a great couple.
The only happy couple on the scene.

Oh, please!
- Why did she have to barge in?

You're no better.
Sailor and I haven't
been cottaging foryonks.

Do you think he screws her?
Do you think he licks her ...

I should think so.
What's the difference between
drinking warm lager and eating pussy?

Don't ask me!
Lager always tastes of piss.
I'm really in a tither.
What about Jørgen?
He must be completely ...
Gosh, this looks like Sailor's ...

Do you want a beer?
- I'd rather have a tequila slammer.

Who is it?
You needn't come down, I've a big
strong ambulance driver to help me.

I'll open the door.