Kort en lang, En

Wasn't I supposed to
pick you up at four?

I made a speedy recovery.
The place looks really nice.
Oh, God ...
How many times did you meet?
Not that many.
- Pardon?

Not that many.
Not that many?
That's more than once, right?

How many times?
How many times?
- It's not like that. Not like us.

Not like us?
Has she been sleeping here?
Just once.
Jørgen please!
Calm down!
I won't see her again!
I won't see her again, all right?

I won't see her again.
I won't see her again.
"Dear Dorothy,
I'm a man in his thirties, -

- who has spent the past months
chained to a hospital bed.

When I'm discharged
I discover-

- that my partner has been sleeping
with ... pardon my French, a woman.

Have I been living a lie?
Should I get a sex change?
And can I get one on the NHS?

Whywon't you be serious for once?
I'm sorry.

What can I say?