Kort en lang, En

Hi, love.
Did you have to work late again?
- Yes.

I'll bet.
Aren't you staying for dinner?
- No.

Sailor is taking me to
a Kiri Te Kanawa concert.

Take care.
- You take care of him, or else!

Listen, shouldn't we get some help?
A psychologist or a therapissed ...
- You mean a therapist?

Well, let's start
with a therapissed.

What do you say?
A marriage counsellor? Fine.
But I refuse to play Ophelia.

Try and find the core
ofyour relationship.

Do things together.
Like washing up together.
- We have a dishwasher.

Fine. But really dirty dishes ...
Do you know what I mean?

- No.

Or folding laundry.
A tablecloth or a sheet.

A sheet.
- It's a metaphor.

Get up.
Here's a sheet.
Fold it.
You see, you really have to be
sensitive to the other person.