La Stanza del figlio

Coming. Yes?
Yes, speaking.
Why? What's happened?
- I'm here to see the principaI.
- Through there.

Come in!
- HeIIo.
- HeIIo, Mr Sermonti.

Sorry to disturb you.
Have a seat.

- Hi.
- Hi, dad.

Something very unpIeasant
has happened.

A fossiI has vanished
from the science Iab.

A rather rare ammonite.
I wouIdn't Iike Andrea
to be mixed up in it...

Are you taIking about a theft?
Yes, we suspect
Andrea and his friend Luciano.

It wasn't us...
That's what Luciano sauĂ­ys too.
But a cIassmate
apparentIy heard them bragging

about taking the fossiI.
- Not true.

Sorry, but I have to suspend
Andrea and his friend for a week.

How much do you understand
of what I'm saying?

What percentage of understanding
is there here? 20-30%%%?

I've spent 460 hours here.
I've spent 46 miIIion Iira.

PIus, I aIways treat myseIf
to a dress after I finish here!

They do good business
with your patients.

I've asked around.
Even the food store.
I've seen for myseIf.

I shouId teII my cousin
to open a shop here!

You aIways feeI guiIty.
ResponsibIe for what happens.