La Stanza del figlio

I wouIdn't Iike Andrea
to be mixed up in it...

Are you taIking about a theft?
Yes, we suspect
Andrea and his friend Luciano.

It wasn't us...
That's what Luciano sauĂ­ys too.
But a cIassmate
apparentIy heard them bragging

about taking the fossiI.
- Not true.

Sorry, but I have to suspend
Andrea and his friend for a week.

How much do you understand
of what I'm saying?

What percentage of understanding
is there here? 20-30%%%?

I've spent 460 hours here.
I've spent 46 miIIion Iira.

PIus, I aIways treat myseIf
to a dress after I finish here!

They do good business
with your patients.

I've asked around.
Even the food store.
I've seen for myseIf.

I shouId teII my cousin
to open a shop here!

You aIways feeI guiIty.
ResponsibIe for what happens.

But we can't controI
our Iives compIeteIy.

We do what we can.
Maybe you shouId Iearn to wait,
instead of aIways having to act.

Learn to be idIe,
that doesn't mean be passive,

just take a more reIaxed
approach to Iife and the worId.

What do you think?
I open the door onto a corridor
where Iots of peopIe
are waIking towards me.

And I think:
the party's aIready over.

Then I open a door
Ieading onto a huge patio.

There's a trapdoor,
some stairs, a smaII door...

What a bore.
This dream's such a bore!