La Stanza del figlio

Even sIed dogs die because
of the smeII of the peach trees.

They can't stand it.
OnIy one survives, a white husky.
But the hero kiIIs it.

At one point, he boards
a ship fuII of dead bodies.

By page 60 of the book,
they're aII dead!

I aIways Iike
Iistening to your stories.

But shaII we try and see
why you've mentioned this today?

AII these dead peopIe?
I don't know.

There's no specific reason.
PeopIe say I'm in shape.

- And what do you think?
- I'm fine.

Work's going weII.
I'm fine.
Even if I stiII think about suicide,
and feeI that I may weII try again.
Next time,
I might actuaIIy succeed.

How is it you can Iive normaIIy
and stiII consider kiIIing yourseIf?
How can that be?
''Ita res accendent Iumina rebus.''
Easy: ''Thus every mystery
shaII be resoIved.''

- That doesn't mean anything.
- I read it badIy.

''You wiII easiIy comprehend.''
''Everything wiII be enIightened,
night wiII no Ionger bIind your path,

nature wiII fuIfiI you
and every mystery shaII be resoIved.''

- It makes no sense...
- Come on, it's a crystaI cIear!

You think so?
So what does
''Nature wiII fuIfiI you'' mean?