La Stanza del figlio

is fundamentaI in curing iIIness.
- Do you agree with that? - No.

I don't agree.
Serious iIInesses can be cured
even if you're passive.

Even if you don't want to Iive.
But if it has to end badIy,
it'II end badIy.

Even if the patient reacts weII
and tries to fight back.

Even if the patient wants
to Iive at any cost.

That's what I think.
I wish I couId have
apoIogized but I couIdn't.

I keep thinking of that Sunday
when I went to his pIace.

I can't go on seeing him.
I'II aIways associate him
with Andrea's death.

You shouId teII him
what you feeI.

TeII him about your probIems.
TeII him everything's
a mess because of me.

What wouId become of his anaIysis?
I don't feeI I have to teII him
what's happening to me.

I think it's vitaI in this case.
- Hi.
- Hi. What are you doing here?

I feIt Iike coming to pick you up.
Why didn't you Ieave with the others?

I want to score
ten baskets in a row first.

Ten in a row!
I guess it's not my day!