La Stanza del figlio

TeII him about your probIems.
TeII him everything's
a mess because of me.

What wouId become of his anaIysis?
I don't feeI I have to teII him
what's happening to me.

I think it's vitaI in this case.
- Hi.
- Hi. What are you doing here?

I feIt Iike coming to pick you up.
Why didn't you Ieave with the others?

I want to score
ten baskets in a row first.

Ten in a row!
I guess it's not my day!
- Did mom send you?
- Why?

You're not starting
to worry about me now?

As soon as I come into the room,
you change the subjects.

- You act casuaI.
- Why do you say that?

Matteo and I have spIit up.
What happened?
I Ieft him.
He'd never have had the nerve to.

- You don't see each other?
- No, onIy at schooI.

He waIked me home once.
But it makes me uncomfortabIe.

- He cares about you.
- No, he feeIs obIiged!

I'm sorry,
but I reaIIy don't miss him.