Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

They also promised the other Rajahs
protection from this Rajah.

Thanks to this double-dealing,
the British...

... collected a tax from the Rajahs...
...paid by every farmer
in the country.

The submission of a portion
of the farmer's harvest...

... to the Rajah as tax.
Every Rajah collected lagaan from
villages under his rule.

The Rajah would keep one share...
...and give the rest to the British.
In this way, the British fist
grew iron strong.

Like thousands of villages
across the country...

... the farmers of Champaner
toiled on empty bellies...

...and paid taxes to the Rajah
every year.

Last year it rained,
but very little.

And this year, there has been
no rain so far.

Dry eyes...
...scan the sky.
You're there again!
What are you looking at, Mother?

Just wondering when the sky
will darken with clouds.

How l long for the rains.
A month of rainy season gone by
and not a drop of rain.

Coming, coming.
By God's grace,
at least we have drinking water.