Le Placard

- Who took them?
- I don`t know, but it`s hateful.

How surprising!
Not to me.
I tried him out at rugby.

You can spot them at once!
Broke his collarbone!
Had to give up pantyhose!

This is no joke. We have to solve
the Pignon problem.

We did. He`s being fired!
What do we make here, Santini?
- What kind of products?
- Products made of rubber.

What is our star item?
Con... Cond...?
If we fire him, we`ll have
every gay movement on our backs.

Better to have them
on your back than up...

What do you do Saturday nights?
I asked how you spend
Saturday nights. Gay bashing?

Not at all!
Where do you go?
The park, to hunt drag-queens?

That humor is out now.
I won`t say it twice!

I`ve consulted our PR head.
We decided this:

we keep Pignon for now,
and stay out of his private life!

We must!
- He`s so dumb.
- Outdid himself!

- Let`s make him...
- Less dumb? No hope!

We can try!
He let you have it!
I lightened the mood,
and he slammed me!

- You`d better watch out.
- Why?

You`re on your way out.
He`s got his eye on you.

You can`t fire a guy
for a mild joke!

Would they fire me for that?
If I were you,
l`d be very nice to Pignon.