- Eight shillings.
- The poor lad is starving.

- Scared to walk over a grid.
- Eight shillings.

That's not a heart you've got,
it's a swinging brick!

For God's sake,
look at the poor lad.

- When will it come out, son?
- Friday for sure.

He's up in court.
- Nine bob.
- For God's sake. It's brand new.

- I can see my face in it.
- That must be a terrible sight.

Miserable gob like that!
Make it the ten.
- Ten bob?
- You'll get your reward in Heaven.

That big pawnshop in the sky
where everything's redeemed.

- Nine and a tanner and that's it!
- For God's sake!

Nine and a tanner.
You can go again.

Don't answer me back,
just do it!

Because it's time you moved in
with Con, that's why.

- You're better off with your brother.
- There's not enough room in here.

You've done nothing wrong.
It's just Teresa needs to be
on her own, that's all.

- You pee the bed and you've had it.
- You, shut it.