Don't answer me back,
just do it!

Because it's time you moved in
with Con, that's why.

- You're better off with your brother.
- There's not enough room in here.

You've done nothing wrong.
It's just Teresa needs to be
on her own, that's all.

- You pee the bed and you've had it.
- You, shut it.

The coppers are coming!
The coppers are coming!
The coppers are coming!
You're singing a
communist song and I object!

I've worked as hard
as any man here...

for the rights of men,
for the rights of the unemployed.

But I will not
join you in this.

They're pulling down our churches.
Do you want to be part of that?

The destruction of
the Christian message?

You ask me to choose between
Lenin and Jesus Christ?

The first is a man,
the second is the Son of God.

- The coppers are coming!
- How dare you sing this song...