Ma femme est une actrice

Paris. Population 2,125,246,
of which 1,153,702 are women.

That's a ratio of 1.4 women
to every man.

Not bad.
But laughable compared to New York,
where it's 5.2 to 1.

Right. Anyway, closer to home..
I found 259 freelance
professions listed.

One of them is an Actress.
There are about 10,000 in Paris,
all wacko.
My name is Yvan.
I'm 35, a sports reporter..
I'm either in a stadium,

or here, the news room
of Info-Sport TV.

My chances of meeting
an actress were 12-1.

When I met Charlotte,
I saw only her.
Now I realize living with an actress
is a crazy thing.

What do you put
when you sign an autograph?

Depends. "Kisses."