Ma femme est une actrice

I'm very excited.
How's it feel to star with him?
I'm very excited.
Shit. Sorry, I...
Always stop at the wrong moment.
Do you mind if I..?
How's it feel to star with him?
I'm very excited.
It's me.
You home?
- Here I am!
-You scared me.

- How are you?
-And you?

As long as you're here...
Watch it.
-What's up?
- I'm packing.

- Make dinner?
- I'm exhausted!

Some women have real jobs,
hard work,

and they always make dinner.
Some men, too!
I'm fucking around.
Yeah, well, I don't like it.
I'm fucking around!
Plus, I'm sure you're serious.
-You don't care about my job.
-That's not true.

See the film yet?
You didn't even go!
I was going to. I'm going to.
I said I'm going to.
You look so cute in that hat.
Call Chez Lorette and reserve.
-Are we going out?
- I leave tomorrow.

Exactly, let's kick back.
I'll make you a nice dinner.

I feel like eating out.
I'll get ready.

Oh, shit.
Hi, I'd like a table, please.
Not before midnight?!
OK, right. Thanks.

Not before midnight. Give me a break.