Young man,
what's that in your lap?

Oh, it was useless--likeputting a
baseball cap on the Washington Monument.

Andthen, allatonce,
therehe was--

- Hey, baby, I loveyourway!
- Oh!

-$$ Yo, monkey$$

-[Miss Hudlapp]Ooh!

Moo-coo! Moo-coo!
Moo-coo! Moo-coo!

How 'bout it, Doc--
can you help me?

All in good time, my boy.
All in good time.

[ Laughs Hysterically]
Oh, what a loser!

Oh, roll out the wackywagons!
Well, that's our pilot.
And the good news is...

the Comedy Channel has picked us up
with an order for six episodes.

AndnowI'dlikeyou tomeet
theman whogotitallstarted,

the creatorofAmerica's

the man behind the monkey,
ifyou will.

Ladies and gentlemen,
please-- Stu Miley!

- [ Cheering, Applause ]
- Come on, Stu. Don'tbeshy!

You can't goyet.
There's a potload ofmoney here.

Besides, you haven't talked to Bill
from Bazoom Toys, who's got great ideas.

Oh, Mr. Miley, do we ever!
Check it out. The Monkeybone phone.

Every kid's gonna want three and
want their friends to have three.

Check out the slippers. You're walking,
your tootsies are warm, you're laughing.

The Monkeybone backpack. Ifyou're
goin' to Europe, flip it around--

Stu. Stu. Stu, what areyou doin'?
Come on. Come on.

We gotta talk to the guys
from Burger God.

Burger God-- aren't they the ones that
found the rat gut in the french fries?