Monrak Transistor

Daddy, I need your help
It's been three years now
I want to send 10,000 baht home
I've only managed to send husks
Daddy, please help me!
You know what I told him?
Grow a beard
A beard?
That's all it took!
Now he coins it in!
Listen to me, Plern
It's Pan, Sir
Yes, Pan, listen to me
All the famous singers I've made:
If they were good, they did well
Remember: Be good and you'll do well
Obey me and you'll make it
Remember that
I've seen plenty of stoneheads:
Believe me
they didn't listen, they failed
My karma is a burden to me
Whenever I make someone famous
they forget all their gratitude to me
When they can fly with their own wings
they forget the nest
in which they were nurtured

People like that
will never go very far, I tell you

Take off your shirt
Come on, take it off!
Don't you want to be famous?