Mulholland Dr.

What did they say?
I'm afraid they said to tell you
that you're maxed out at your bank

and that your line of credit
has been cancelled.

That's unbelievable.
Well, look, uh...
I don't know what's going on. Uh...
That is so much baloney.
(Both chuckle )
Well, I got
enough cash for you, Cookie.

Oh, I know, I know.
Don't worry.
But I'm sorry.
It was my duty to inform you.
You ain't got nothing now.
Whoever you're hiding from,
they know where you are.

I'm sorry.
(Dialling tone )
- (Phone rings )
- Hello?

Someone maybe shut off my money.
'I know. Where are you, Adam?'
What do you mean, you know?
Somebody called and told me
you were as good as broke.

I didn't believe them
so I made some calls.

- And?
- 'You're broke.'

- But I'm not broke.
- I know, but you are. Where are you?

I'm at Cookie's, downtown.
Do you know somebody called...
the Cowboy?
- The Cowboy?
- Yeah.

The Cowboy. This guy, the Cowboy,
wants to see you.

'Jason said he thought
it'd be a good idea.'

Jason thought it'd be a good idea
for me to go see the Cowboy?

Should I wear my ten-gallon hat
and my six-shooters?