Mulholland Dr.

(Dialling tone )
- (Phone rings )
- Hello?

Someone maybe shut off my money.
'I know. Where are you, Adam?'
What do you mean, you know?
Somebody called and told me
you were as good as broke.

I didn't believe them
so I made some calls.

- And?
- 'You're broke.'

- But I'm not broke.
- I know, but you are. Where are you?

I'm at Cookie's, downtown.
Do you know somebody called...
the Cowboy?
- The Cowboy?
- Yeah.

The Cowboy. This guy, the Cowboy,
wants to see you.

'Jason said he thought
it'd be a good idea.'

Jason thought it'd be a good idea
for me to go see the Cowboy?

Should I wear my ten-gallon hat
and my six-shooters?

Something tells me that this guy
is connected to what's happening.

'Adam, I think you should do it and
I think you should do it right away.'

What's going on, Cynthia?
'It's been a very strange day.'
And getting stranger.
So where do I meet this Cowboy?
Do I have to ride out to the range?

Sort of, funny boy.
If I tell him the meeting's on
you'll have to go
to the top of Beechwood Canyon

and there's a corral up there
where he'll be.

Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.
'Will you meet with him?'
Sure. No, it's been
that kind of a day.

Um, I'll call him right away
and then I'll call you back.

You know, could stay
at my place if you...if you wanted.

Uh, Cynthia, no, I don't think
that'd be a good idea.

I was just offering a place to stay.
Yes, and I appreciate it, Cynthia.
I'll find a place.