Nico and Dani

I don't know...
We're going to screw.
She toId me so.
Why didn't you teII me?
Cause you'd get pissed off.
No, why shouId I?
You shouId know.
Well, l don't.
On the contrary...
I hope you'II have a good
time and screw a lot.

Dani, we'll go hunting tomorrow.
Don't treat me Iike
an idiot.

Each one makes
his own decision.

Like we've aIways done.
Cause we're friends, right?
I think so.
-So that's that.
-So that's that.

Fuck that!
What's the matter?
I don't know.
Open the door,
I've got cIaustrophobia.

You shouIdn't have
come this summer.

-I knew it.

That we'd get pissed off...
and everything that's
happening to me.

What's happening to you?
I Iike being with you more
than with anyone eIse.

But it's shit,
because you don't...

I know that.
It's shit...
and I don't want you
to Ieave.

Open the door and
we'II smoke a joint.

And don't get mad.