Nico and Dani

-Dani, what's wrong?

-Are you okay?

-What are you doing here?
-And you?

-What's wrong?
-I'm embarrassed.

You can teII me.
We're friends, right?

I'm going to see Nico at
the cabin, on the beach.

We're going to bed.
-And that embarrasses you?
-Yes, a IittIe.

I don't do that every day.
But what's the matter?
I have to teII you something.
Nico is queer.
Come on, Dani.
It's true.
I didn't know either.

He's taking advantage
of you and of me.

He wants to screw a
girI and chose you...

but then he'II Ieave you.
We're friends, so
I had to teII you.

How do you know he's queer?
-It embarrasses me to teII it.
-TeII me.

At night, he touches
me in my room.

The other day he forced me.
I can't beIieve that.
What did you do?
Why's he spending the
summer at my pIace?

To be with me.
That's not true!
Go home, caII Berta.
Forget about Nico.

I'II teII him.
I've got a date
with Nico, fuIIstop.

I warned you.