Quo Vadis?

l would rather see her die.
l shall implore Caesar
to change his orders.

He can't have remembered her.
Cursed be the day
when they entered our house.

Farewell, ourjoy.
l'll see Seneca.
Maybe he will plead for you.
Domina, let me go with her
and guard her at the court.
You serve her, not us.
But how...?

l have hands that crush iron.
Where is Lygia? Speak!
What have you done?!

l'm a cripple at dawn only,
dusk restores my flexibility.

You seem to have been trained
by a weaver

and taught etiquette
by a blacksmith.

You have a iron grip,
but if you've betrayed me,

you'll taste the steel of my knife.
Where is she?!

l asked the Caesar two favours:
to take her from Aulus' house
and to give her to you.

Where's your knife?
You'll end in prison and Lygia
will pine away at your house.

So you didn't want her
for yourself or Caesar?
Tigellinus is Caesar's panderer,
and if l wanted her,

l wouldn't hide it.
Why hasn't she been sent
to my house?

For the sake of appearances.
Oficially, we took her as a hostage.